ITIL 4 Foundation - Sample Paper 1 (1-10)


ITIL 4 Foundation - Sample Paper 1 Questions 1 to 10

1. Which practice is responsible for moving components to live environments?

2. Which practice includes the classification and ownership of queries and requests from users?

3. Which practice identifies metrics that reflect the customer´s experience of a service?

4. What is a PRIMARY use of a change schedule?

5. Which service management dimension is focused on activities and how these are coordinated?

6. How does categorization of incidents assist the "incident management" practice?

7. Identify the missing word in the following sentence: A service is a means of enabling value co-creation by facilitating ___________ that customers want to achieve.

8. Which is a recommendation of the "continual improvement" practice?

9. Which is a potential benefit of using an IT service management tool to support the "incident management" practice?

10. Which role submits service requests?