Itil 4 Foundation Certification


Preguntas examen Certificación

1. What is the effect of increased automation on the 'service desk' practice?

2. Which term describes the functionality offered by a service?

3. Which is the purpose of the 'monitoring and event management' practice?

4. What should all 'continual improvement' decisions be based on?

5. How do all value chain activities transform inputs to outputs?

6. How does customer engagement contribute to the 'service level management' practice?

7. What is the starting point for optimization?

8. Identify the missing words in the following sentence. The purpose of the [?] is to ensure that the organization continually co-creates value with all stakeholders in line with the organization's objectives.

9. Which practice provides support for managing feedback, compliments and complaints from users?

10. Which joint activity performed by a service provider and service consumer ensures continual value co-creation?

11. Which practice may involve the initiation of disaster recovery?

12. What type of change is MOST likely to be managed by the 'service request management' practice?

13. Which guiding principle emphasizes the need to understand the flow of work in progress, identify bottlenecks, and uncover waste?

14. What is a means of enabling value co-creation by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve?

15. Which statement about change authorization is CORRECT?

16. Which dimension of service management considers governance, management, and communication?

17. Identify the missing word in the following sentence.

18. Which statement about known errors and problems is CORRECT?

19. What does the 'service request management' practice depend on for maximum efficiency?

20. Which statement about the 'service desk' practice is CORRECT?

21. Which practice ensures that accurate and reliable information is available about configuration items and the relationships between them?

22. Which practice has a purpose that includes restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible?

23. Identify the missing word in the following sentence. A customer is a person who defines the requirements for a service and takes responsibility for the [?] of service consumption.

24. Which guiding principle describes the importance of doing something, instead of spending a long time analysing different options?

25. What should be done for every problem?

26. How should an organization include third-party suppliers in the continual improvement of services?

27. What considerations influence the supplier strategy of an organization?

28. What is a problem?

29. What is the purpose of the 'relationship management' practice?

30. Which is intended to help an organization adopt and adapt ITIL guidance?

31. What is an output?

32. What is the reason for using a balanced bundle of service metrics?

33. Why should incidents be prioritized?

34. Which practice has a purpose that includes helping the organization to maximize value, control costs and manage risks?

35. Why should service desk staff detect recurring issues?

36. Which value chain activity communicates the current status of all four dimensions of service management?

37. Which guiding principle is PRIMARILY concerned with consumer's revenue and growth?

38. Which practice provides visibility of the organization's services by capturing and reporting on service performance?

39. Which is the BEST example of an emergency change?

40. Which guiding principle recommends assessing the current state and deciding what can be reused?